About Us


Personal development: pride in appearance, setting the example, decision making, promotions in rank.

Unit participation: perform as responsible team member, assume leadership positions, coordinate events, serve as Senior YM staff, teach and instruct classes.

Community involvement: participate in outside activities that benefit those in need, organize events in the community, represent and promote the Young Marine organization at public events.

Every Young Marine is strongly encouraged to perform Community Service within their home towns and surrounding areas.  In fact, in order to be promoted to Young Marine Lance Corporal a Young Marine must have 50 hours of community service within a 12 month period.  Old Colony Young Marines has been extremely active in Plymouth County.




An encampment is simply a weekend away.  Old Colony Young Marines will generally plan an encampment every 2 to 3 months.  There are many varied activities planned during an encampment.

The Unit may visit a military base in order to use their orienteering courses, obstacle courses, or take a tour of the facilities and meet with some of our service people, whether they are Marines, Soldiers, Sailors or Airman.

Encampments are also planned in private, State and National Parks.  At Old Colony Young Marines we are especially glad to visit historic Navy ships, such as the USS Salem CA-139, to actually see where United States Marines have served in the past and to learn about our Nation’s history.